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Prenet Basic Strawberry (Prenet Basic Strawberry)

Prenet Basic Strawberry

Product Details

52% protein, 5% fat, 1.5% fiber, 0% cholesterol and 216 kcal energy. (Protein, fat, fiber and cholesterol values are given in 100 grams, based on 1 serving of calorific value powder.)

 This product has been prepared as part of the hypocaloric nutrition program. For weight control, when the body is intended to use its own energy store, the need for full-meal vitamins and minerals is fully met.

 Helps you to feel a sense of satiety with its high quality protein sources.

% 100 natural, GMO-free, Ministry of Agriculture approved and originating these products; It has a European GMP certificate.

 Thanks to different taste alternatives, it offers delicious taste for different taste.

How To Use

In the Prenet program, Prenet Basic is recommended for 2 out of 3 meals per day, and regular meal is recommended for the remaining 1 meal.

Care should be taken that the interval between two meals is 4-6 hours.

One serving of PREnet Basic is equivalent to one meal.

Take the meal place for weight control purposes.

How To Prepare

Each meal is recommended to be consumed in 300 ml of 1.5% fat milk product instead of 2 meals (approximately 16.6 gr) Basic product.

1 meal is recommended with a low-calorie, healthy menu.

Remember that this product is only useful when energy is used as part of a restricted diet, and other food items are part of this diet.

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